List of important publications authored by
Dr R. D. Ranade

"Books help when friends do not and when books do not, meditation " - Professor Bain
Publication Year
1. Constructive Survey Of Upanishadic Philosophy 1926
2. Mysticism In Maharashtra 1933
3. Pathway to God In Hindi Literature 1954
4. Parmarth Sopan 1954
5. The Conception Of Spiritual Life In Mahatma Gandhi and Hindi Saints 1956
6. The Bhagvatgita As A Philosophy Of God Realisation 1959
7. Pathway To God In Kannada Literature 1960
8. Paramartha Mandira, Published by Shri Gurudeo Ranade Paramartha Mandir. Jamkhandi (new edition 2002) 1963
9. Essays And Reflections 1964
10. The Vedanta As A Culmination Of Indian Philosophical Thought (Basu-Mallik Lectures,Calcutta University,1929) 1970

A new edition of a rare book titled 'Paramartha Mandir' has been published on the occasion of the Vaikuntha Chaturdashi Saptah on 18th November 2002.

This rare book comprises of 500 Padas, compiled by Shri Gurudeo, who once expressed that these 500 padas constitute the 500 pillars of our Paramartha Mandir.

Picture of cover of 'Paramarth Mandir' book
Cover of 'Paramarth Mandir'

Picture of page showing where 'Paramarth Mandir' may be procured from
Picture showing where 'Paramarth Mandir' may be procured from