Shri Gurudeo Ranade Paramarth Mandir, Jamkhandi

One God, One World, One Humanity

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Shri Gurudev Ranade

Last updated on Aug 15, 2019

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Vaikuntha Chaturdashi Saptah Saturday Nov 9 to Monday Nov 11 2019 

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Week 959

‘… that which the alchemists vainly seek after, may be found even in iron, provided the Parisa comes to hand; similarly, where there is the grace of the Guru, what cannot be obtained, asks Jnanesvara ? He is rich with the infinite grace of the Guru’

(Chapter III, Page 49, Mysticism in Maharashtra, R D Ranade)

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Picture of Paramarth Mandir
Paramarth Mandir, Jamkhandi

“For India, he was one of her great men. In India, as also in other countries, there are many great scholars engaged in various researches, many great philosophers with deep insights into reality, many great mystics with ineffable visions, many great teachers who inspire their pupils, many great souls whose integrity and personality are radiant. But we seldom see one person who is all of these at once. Such a one was Shri Ranade, one of those rare spirits who show us how fine human nature can be”.1

Professor George B Burch (1902-1973)2
Professor Emeritus, Tufts University (located in the U.S. state of Massachusetts)
Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University (appointed in 1946)
PhD (1939), AM (1927), AB (1923), Harvard University

[1] Deshpande S. N., 1981. Gurudeo Ranade Biography and Mysticism, Belgaum: Academy of Comparative Philosophy & Religion.
[2] Burch, G. B., 1902-1973. George Bosworth Burch personal archive, 1919-1943. HUC 8919.300.10, 
Harvard University Archives. Accessed March 24, 2019